My photographs as a collective contain cinematic elements both staged and found, all on location and captured primarily digitally and occasionally on film.

     The portraits shared here are people as they already are, through my eyes. Those photographed in character are people you already know: perhaps a parent, a sibling, a coworker, a child or lover. 

     The scenes photographed-- both staged and found-- are average places with a veil lifted just enough to see the wonder soaked through. I often use the golden and midnight hour to communicate this aura more thoroughly.

For some this will be fiction and for others it may feel like a homecoming. I am aware as humans we are complex and madcap in our own ways, and I would encourage viewers to derive whatever meaning fits their own narrative.

I seek to provoke, heal, humor or intrigue in my work.

I don’t really have patience for anything else,

and let me tell you, kid-- you don’t either.  





© 2015 by Kaley Fluke.